• 6.
    Rap has always been noted for its frank depictions of raw subject matter, like gang violence, drug use, and pre-pubescent bathroom habits.
  • 5.
    Our chief complaint about 8 Mile was "why is no one wearing a glittery jumpsuit? And where, oh where, are the talking gorillas?"
  • 4.
    Bartenders really are great, aren't they? Always there to lend an ear, pour a drink, give you empathetic advice in the form of a stately, choreographed rap.
  • 3.
    Actually, we started thinking about our dad as soon as Pierre started dancing. And yeah, we think you guys would actually get along pretty well.
  • 2.
    "I Want Candy" is perhaps more iconic, but "4 Da Shorteez" had more significance in our opinion, since it set the MC Pee Pants diminishing-returns-reincarnation caste system in motion.
  • 1.
    It doesn't feel quite right to put this Schooly D masterpiece in with the rest of this stuff, but you know, sometimes you find a Led Zeppelin tape in the cutout bin. Led Zeppelin? Cutout Bins? Cassette tapes? This observation makes One Track Lover and The Space Goblin feel current.