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    Pete paid to do these one-of-a-kind Adult Swim jingles for both comedy and anime. Though many of the shows mentioned in this series of spots aren't on Adult Swim often (or at all) anymore, they live on in our hearts. Here's one!
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    Last year, we flew Moral Orel creator Dino Stamatopolous and writer Scott Adsit into Atlanta for a little green-screen gem we call "44 Nights of Orel." Dino and Scott aired their grievances about the cancellation of the show while America drank it in. We're pretty sure America wasn't the only one drinking. I really enjoyed getting to work on this project last year, if only to hear Dino tell the makeup artist "I just wanna look s*****. Can you do that?"
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    Which is the natural habitat for the squid: underwater or the Appalachian mountains? Translating any dialogue into French automatically makes it sound: 1) educational 2) artistic 3) legitimate
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    Pete bought these amazing stock footage DVDs from a group called Rocketclips. I'm convinced that Rocketclips hasn't output any new material since 1996, but they still make you think everything is fresh. If you need an operator standing by, they've got that. If you need a couple dispassionately canoodling, they've got that. If you need two turtles enjoying each others company...check the internet. ALT: Adult Swim: we made turtle humping cool before anyone else.
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    Ah, Moral Orel: a show whose Christmas episode ranks as one of the most disturbing holiday treats in the history of television. With that in mind, Pete and Mike wanted to make this episode sound like a accharinely-sweet, heart-warming nugget of family joy, in turn setting the tone for the rest of the Orel promos. I wonder how many people watched this show because they thought it would teach important moral lessons...