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    Bless you, Prelinger Archives and your fruitful ground of deliciously grainy stock footagery. Without the many amazing stock footage sources and sites on the internet, we'd be sad chickens.
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    RIP, Lucy DOTD. Jon Benjamin's vibrato could conquer small townships.
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    In 2005, a fan sent this pinata to Williams Street and crammed a "wad" (har har) of old-people candy, gas station prophos, and other odd trinkets in it (and if I remember correctly, something that was leaking). It hung in one of the hallways for about a year, but it never received the proper attention it deserved: burning wildly for the televised masses. One cool spring morning, Pete and Matt Maiellaro hauled it to Kim's backyard, set it ablaze and shot this little number with Matt's HD camera. Glorious.
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    Here's something to see.
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