• 10.
    A slew of people move into his house unannounced, tell him how to do his job, and he still has the common courtesy to offer up a refreshing beverage. Old-school class, right there.
  • 9.
    Next time you see a tentacle monster, walk up and say hello. They're just bashful, is all.
  • 8.
    He's good at math, provides a worthwhile service for the elderly, and ladies... he's single.
  • 7.
    We're not sure if being a depressed pushover is the same as being friendly, but either way, they're not terrorizing any countrysides. Good on you, fellas.
  • 6.
    Danny is "friendly" in the same way that your mom's tennis instructor got a little "friendly," or the way men who drive unmarked vans are always so "friendly."
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