• 12.
    In our experience, offering up a "friend five" tends to dissolve the friendship.
  • 11.
    With their rapid-fire, snip snap dialogue, Xander and Killface take a cue from the old Bob Hope / Bing Crosby Road pictures, if Hope had been a juvenile panda eater and Crosby had been entirely naked.
  • 10.
    Politics, world affairs and philosophy are fine conversation for casual friends, but you need someone you can trust before you really get down to talking Smurfs.
  • 9.
    Some friends just seem to complete each other, or rather, make a complete four pronged laser gun with each other.
  • 8.
    There's a reason restaurants bring you fajita meat while it's still sizzling. Because it's pure, unadulterated sex in a skillet.
  • 7.
    Murderface and Toki masterfully turn the good cop / bad cop scenario on its ear with a clever game of aggressive, hostile cop and insecure, but also hostile cop.
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