• 10.
    Not only did these pants help Bruce kick ass, they also helped him keep in touch with three lifelong friends as they discovered their individual strengths, fears, talents, and capacity for love.
  • 9.
    It's getting easier to see why Nazis lost the war. They see lightning shooting at them and they stand right in the way, smiling, like they're posing for a picture.
  • 8.
    We've had our heart ripped out through our groin too. And the metaphor continued as our ex then metaphorically pissed on our lifeless husk.
  • 7.
    Why couldn't this have happened to the Robin Williams genie? That guy sucked.
  • 6.
    Professional wrestlers tend to point at their multiple injuries as a sign that it's not phony. We tend to point to the fact that they stomp on the floor every time they punch.
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