• 11.
    The eighties was a time of adorable robots, comedic stereotypes and implausible renovation montages. Revenge of the Nerds had them all.
  • 10.
    Just as Tootsie challenged our notions of gender equality in the eighties, Childrens Hospital challenges our current notions of whether a penis is a deal-breaker if a woman is hot enough.
  • 9.
    Ah, the Neverending Story. The movie that gave us indispensable wisdom like "don't let yourself get too sad or your horse will drown," and "the way to deal with bullies is to threaten their lives with a giant flying dog." Maybe they wrote their moral code after one of these all-night benders.
  • 8.
    For a while there, just about everybody had a Ronald Reagan impression. But Quall's signature "Spaghetti-&-Meatballs-Confusion" routine is the finishing touch on this immortal masterpiece.
  • 7.
    Little-known trivia: Just as E.T. was a horticulturalist when he was on his home-planet Brodo Asogi, back on Yautja Prime, the Predator was a money-lender. And a total douche.
  • 6.
    In the 80's, you couldn't lift a dumbbell without somebody grabbing the nearest keytar and bellowing out some throaty vocals.
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